Keeping the Holidays Merry

Holiday burnout is real

There is no one right way to celebrate the holidays but there are definitely a lot of wrong ways.  Follow these simple rules to avoid maxing out your holiday spirit:

JOY TEST – This time of year is prime season for over-committing. Whether it is sending out Christmas cards or making rounds at holiday parties, ask yourself: “does this bring me joy?” If it doesn’t, then don’t do it. It’s ok to give yourself permission to not participate.

GET OUTSIDE – The weather and lack of sunlight can really put a damper on getting fresh air, but bundling up and braving the elements is a great way to recenter in the midst of the chaos.  This also gives you a chance to go off the grid for a breather.  Leave your phone inside (the cold will kill the charge anyways).

SHOP ONLINE – Crowds got you down?  Shop online.  Now.  Not the 23rd of December.  Embrace Amazon and their 2 day Prime shipping.  Sign up for Rakuten and earn cash-back on your gifts!

SLEEP – Prioritize your bedtime and treat yourself to regular shut-eye.  While you are at it, drink lots of water in your waking hours.  Staying hydrated will keep you on your A-game and help prevent a holiday hangover when you indulge.

BE REALISTIC – If you default to striving for perfection, it is time to scale back. Hosting a party? Limit food to hors-d’oeuvres that you’ve prepped before. Three hours before go time is not the time to try new recipes. The stress of perfection inhibits joy and adds to your fatigue.

MODERATION – Too much of a good thing quickly becomes a bad thing.  Prioritize which events matter the most then politely decline the rest.  Give yourself the freedom to choose what suits you best!

Stay safe out there and keep it merry!