Alex Lovelace

I was born and raised in the North Carolina area. Initially from Kings Mountain, I now reside in the Gastonia area following my college life at Appalachian State University, which came to a close in 2019. Gastonia is just a few short minutes away from Charlotte, as well as my home town, so it provides a sense of excitement with new prospects and opportunities, as well as a comfortable homely atmosphere.As a diligent worker, I love to deep-dive into clients needs to find spaces for them that complete their life-style all the way down to the nitty gritty. I get a great sense of fulfillment out of providing my clients with fantastic communication and keeping them informed about every process to ensure we come out ahead of the game. I love helping people and I always have, and I found this passion working at my local Y and substitute teaching. My passion for helping others has lead me to real estate to assist different generations in the community.